Get web content on your mobile phone with a Bango button

December 11, 2007

Bango!Bango Button helps its users to push digital content to mobile phones from their social site (eg: Facebook, MySpace), media site or blog. Using Bango Button, you can easily share your images, content and poscasts with mobile users as well as regular web users with the simple click of a button!

This is great news for webmasters, and even more so for social networkers who would love to share photos and other community memorabilia with their friends and family. Best of all, Bango Buttons are completely free to install in your site, and free for users to download content to their handsets (unless you decide to charge them for this service, that is!).

Anyone can create their own "Get On My Mobile" Bango Button. To do it, visit, and insert the generated code into your site, next to a piece of content you want to share. When users click on your button, they get a unique short URL which they can enter into their phone browser to get the content on their mobile. Optionally, a charge can be assigned to a piece of content to create a revenue stream for the content creator.

Get started with Bango Buttons now and mobilize your web sontent on your social networking sites, blogs and media websites. Share the content you like with family, friends and readers from all over the world with ease, while at the same time increasing the incentive for readers to return for more. I love this idea and as this blog develops will probably make much content available to mobile phone users for free downloads, including a variety of wallpapers, ringtones and backgrounds I already have on my computer. This is the kind of technology currently adopted by premium mobile phone content sites, though in the near future I do expect to see many more free GSM sites appearing to offer such downloads gratis to their readership.

Bravo Bango for making mobile content sharing a more free and sociable place!

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