Rockyou! Probably the best free widgets in the world.

January 03, 2008

RockYou! is one of the fastest growing online brands here in the UK. Offering a fabulous selection of badges which you can post virtually anywhere you like, Rockyou are set to take the world of widgets by storm.

I was rather impressed by the variety of free widgets and services available at For starters, you can use Rockyou to host your images for free, and use these images anywhere on the web, a handy service for those who don;t like paying for image hosting services. You can customize your photos with glitter and captions, if that's your thing, and can create truly wonderful slide shows with music, themes and more. The one I made above took about two minutes, using images hosted at Photobucket, though you can upload your photos from Flickr, MySpace, Bebo and more with ease (and so quickly too).

One of my favorite features is the "Talking Avatar". Here you can upload a photo and turn this into a 3d, talking avatar, complete with a customized backdrop. Trust me, you'll laugh yourself to death with some of the combinations you can create!Rockyou certainly has an advantage over many widget offering sites in that the widgets created can be used virtually anywhere you can paste some code, even on MySpace which restricts the use of javascripts in profile pages. All you need is a free account (Rockyou promise that you won't receive any spam), and a little imagination. And no, this site isn't just for lovers of all things glittery and tacky (though you can find this on Rockyou if you like it!). You can create slick, professional widgets and some crazily humorous slideshows too.I suspect this will become one of the hottest social media sites around in the coming months. It's certainly one of the most interesting!Please do let me know what you think of Rockyou by leaving me your comments below.

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