Writing Up The Top Commenters Widget Installer

March 10, 2008

I've just posted the widget installer on Blogger Buster for people to use the "Top Commenters" widget in their blogs.

Phew, I have to say it's something of a relief to finally have this up and running! I was experimenting and coding for eight hours straight last night until I'd got the installation down to a tee. Then as I (finally) went to bed, I remembered some other tweaks I could make, and other things which I really ought to include.

Back to the drawing board again this morning! I finally completed this about 1 minute after I'd originally meant to post! But I'm so glad that I did this: now I have the knowledge and tools available to me so I can create customizable widget installers for so many other Blogger widgets too.

Like a Flickr photostream for instance...

Generally speaking, I'm not too bad at JavaScripting, but I'd never truly mastered inserting variables from a form into another JavaScript element. Had to learn all about that, plus how to parse XML to properly display as items in an ordered list!

Eventually I may post a full write up of the process (wonder how many A4 pages that would take up..?).

For now, if you want to show a list of your blog's top commentators, go install the widget now and see for yourself how this works :)

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