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Saturday, 22 August 2009

Professor Layton Approaches..

It seemed like aeons until I found an obsession to fill the void left behind when Da Vinci Puzzles ran out of business, once I'd completed Dracula's Riddle (and other online games) and even created my own Memory Palace...

Then I discovered Professor Layton and the Curious Village. Here in the UK, copies of this game sold out so quickly that eBayers could ask >£70 and still retrieve willing buyers! Eventually I found myself a copy, and even hijacked my baby daughter's NDS for the job.

Truly, the efforts were worth it. Professor Layton is the most ingenious game ever created.

Now I am counting down the days to play the sequel: Pandora's Box (or The Diabolical Box, as it is known across the pond). Yes, I pre-ordered an import copy. I can't wait another month for the official UK release.

Though it's not guaranteed to land on my doorstep this Monday (the official US release date), I'll still be waiting with my palms beneath the letterbox, hoping...

Looks like I'll have to write all my posts in advance over the weekend - nothing but doomsday will prize me away from my faithful NDS next week!

Amanda Kennedy / Author & Editor

Amanda Kennedy is a writer and content creator whose websites chronicle many interest areas. She is a lifelong learner who lives in the UK with her family.


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