The Da Vinci Puzzles Challenge

September 01, 2009

Puzzles are awesome. They assist to exercise our grey matter, developing our sense of logic and memory, as well as being downright fun!

Therefore, I challenge any avid puzzlers to indulge in a little quest - help me solve these final puzzles from the almost extinct Da Vinci Puzzles collection.

Now, for those of you who have never had the privilege of experiencing Da Vinci Puzzles, let me inform you that these are not affiliated with Dan Brown's Da Vinci Code. These puzzles are much more difficult, and center around a unique and interesting storyline that was developed through a series of magazines a couple of years ago.

Those of us lucky enough to discover this series before it's untimely demise were mesmerized to the point of addiction by these puzzles and indeed the wider story presented through our findings. These puzzles were like nothing we had seen before - and indeed, I have barely found a rival since (though several online riddles and the Professor Layton games cane close!).

Sadly, Da Vinci Puzzles is no longer in publication. Though a group of us were devout enough to offer our own funding system to maintain publication and sustain the accompanying site, the magazine was sadly under-budget and was forced to close just over a year after release. The website was maintained for several months, yet the sense of community and reluctantly our shared interest was not quite so piqued.

A few days ago, I curiously visited the site to find it was no longer there, save for a few lonely puzzles which remain to tease and entertain us.

There are 26 pages of puzzles in total, ranging from Sudoku to Cryptograms, map quests, logic problems and incredibly cryptic messages. Not to mention the brain-searing code found at the base of each page - just what is the underlying message presented to us in this final chapter of the most excellent puzzling magazine?

Unfortunately for me, I'm out of practise - looking at the complexity and sheer mindfulness of these puzzles is enough to make my brain hurt!

But I'm determined to crack them, and reveal for myself the final secret offered by the great minds behind Da Vinci Puzzles :)

If you're up to the challenge, feel free to download these puzzles and join me in solving these final riddles. I promise you will not be disappointed!

View and download the 26 pages of Da Vinci Puzzles (Adobe Reader required).

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