So I'm experimenting with Baseline and a new design...

October 19, 2009

For a little while now I've been using the Irrestistable theme by Woothemes (converted for Blogger by Wordpress to Blogger) as the template for this site.

It's a beautiful design. For a while, it was almost exactly what I wanted. And for those who've been wondering, I must admit that this is the first and only theme I've ever paid for: while I'm capable of recreating the conversion myself, I was impatient and intrigued by just how well coded this theme is! Kudos to tmwwtw for pulling it off =)


I am a blog designer. A professional. Dissatisfied and aching to experiment.

In recent days, I've discovered a couple of truly awesome blogs. Namely and On these sites, each and every single blog post is individually styled, from the blog title right through to the content, image placement. Even the comments section.

I'm musing that this is the missing link between web and print design, and a factor I am hugely inspired by.

What's more, I'm excited by new trends of minimalist web design: grid-based layouts, a focus on typography; unconventional positioning and factoring in The Golden Ratio for a pleasing, almost philosophically based design.

This blog is my personal site. My sandbox, if you like, where I can and should post however I choose without the limitations and conventions associated with my other niche-focused sites. I'm also, at heart, a designer. And I like to think of myself as a pioneer when it comes to designing with Blogger!

Stay tuned. A new design is on it's way. Along with a new focus...

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