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Friday, 1 October 2010

How to delete unwanted files from your Amazon Kindle

I love my new Amazon Kindle. Seriously. But there has been many a time when I've reverted to the laptop in order to figure out some function or another as it's not so instinctive to work this stuff out.

The simple task of deleting files for example. I'd expected that it would appear as a menu option when highlighting a document, or that perhaps the delete button would work. Unfortunately not quite so easy to figure out as that.

So for those of you left scratching your heads and hoping that manually deleting through a PC interface is not the only option, here's how to simply delete files directly from your Kindle:

Simply go to the home screen and move the cursor to the book you wish to delete (thus highlighting it). Then press left on the 5-way pad and a "Delete" button appears in black. Click this, and confirm deletion. That's all.

Don't worry about losing your files permanently - anything you've downloaded via Amazon will still be available in your account (and to download directly to your Kindle wirelessly if you want). I'm not altogether sure that this applies also to any documents you've sent via or, so backup any important personal documents before deletion from your device, just in case!

Amanda Kennedy / Author & Editor

Amanda Kennedy is a writer and content creator whose websites chronicle many interest areas. She is a lifelong learner who lives in the UK with her family.


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