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Wednesday, 23 March 2011

Tipsum - A Yorkshire Lorem Ipsum Generator

Yes, this is a real street name!
Being a Yorkshire lass and web designer, I was awed to see this Yorkshire Lorem Ipsum generator available for free use.

Simply copy and paste the amount of text you require as filler text for your latest project.

Chuffin' nora tha knows turpis gerritetten Vivamus a pint 'o mild tintintin tincidunt ne'ermind big girl's blouse sagittis, sodales mardy bum ey up that's champion where there's muck there's brass ligula diam. mardy bum cack-handed face like a slapped arse will 'e 'eckerslike where's tha bin? amet sodales nah then soft lad malesuada ac. Lorem Michael Palin ah'll gi' thee a thick ear sit amet, face like a slapped arse Michael Palin elit. Nullam justo quam, where's tha bin? where there's muck there's brass hendrerit et, tha knows God's own county how much?

Visit the Tipsum project page on Appspot

Image credit: David Locke1, via Flickr

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