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Wednesday, 12 December 2007

Download free icons for your blog, site or application

Looking for free icons for your blog, website or desktop? Then try a free icon search engine!

You can find hundreds of icons in many different sizes with styles for almost every conceivable requirement. Most icons are in PNG format, but they are free to download and use (just check the license of your chosen icon for any restrictions of use and distribution). I've used this to great extent in my blogs and worksheets, and can almost always find an icon to suit my particular needs. New icons are added regularly, and you can also upload your own designs if you would like to share them with the design world.

To use Iconlet, you can either type in a search term or browse the various sizes and formats. Try searching for your most needed icons now and bling-up your blog or website with some cool-looking icons from this excellent site.

Amanda Kennedy / Author & Editor

Amanda Kennedy is a writer and content creator whose websites chronicle many interest areas. She is a lifelong learner who lives in the UK with her family.


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