Why I Hate Cross-Browser Incompatibility!

April 20, 2008

Just as I think I've developed a new and gorgeous design which I think will work in all browsers, I load it in IE6 to discover something goes wrong, messing up all my hard work and sending me back to the drawing board again :(
Take this design, for example. In Firefox/IE7, it loads beautifully. The semi-transparent backgrounds are rendered just fine and the scripts all seem to load perfectly. Just to be on the safe side, I check in IE6 (that awful, clumsy browser!) and discover that my bgsleight script refuses to work with the background images because they're overlaid against the main body background.
So if you happen to be viewing my blog in IE6, I do apologize for the lack of perfection and beg you to upgrade to a better browser!
Yes I am in the process of making IE only statements, but I truly wish I didn't have to. Cross-browser incompatibility is the bane of web designers. I think we spend far more time ensuring compatibility than we do actually designing!

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