ElectroTalk: Blog/Business Site Design

February 25, 2009

ElectroTalk is a mobile phone sales and repair centre based in the North of Sheffield. The design for this business needed to be awesome and edgy, but very easy to maintain. So I decided to experiment with my most familiar (and ultimately, a great all round) platform, Blogger, in order to feature a great overall HTML based design which can be updated by even a complete novice to web design using the rich text interface.

I have to admit that the design turned out even better than I had expected! What's more, the dynamic nature of a blog compared to a static website ensured ElectroTalk.co.uk began to show up in search engines almost immediately.

Although this business is only a few weeks old, several customers have comented that they were referred through the website. It seems that using Blogger to build a website for small businesses includes the best of both worlds: great design and a simple interface plus great SEO and frequent updating to boot!

Visit Electrotalk.co.uk

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