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Wednesday, 25 February 2009

Animal Crossing Wild World Tips: A Family Venture!

When my children introduced me to Animal Crossing on the Nintendo DS, it didn't take me long to become truly addicted to this game. After endlessly searching for tips and advice for this game online, we decided to create a blog to write about our own experiences: a family venture which we named AC Wild World Tips.

Being the blog/web designer of the family, the task fell on my shoulders to create the overall design scheme for ACWW Tips and set everything up. The result is this: a modified version of my premium Planet Play template:

We used Google Calendar to create a table of events so readers can easily find out what could be happening in their world on any given day.

At the moment, only Andrei (my son) and I are writing posts, which I feel is a great way of encouraging him to write as well as an outlet for his passion of video games! If you're a fan of ACWW, please pop over and let us know what you think.

Amanda Kennedy / Author & Editor

Amanda Kennedy is a writer and content creator whose websites chronicle many interest areas. She is a lifelong learner who lives in the UK with her family.


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