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Sunday, 25 January 2009

On becoming a Theme Forest Author...

Since i have been designing original Blogger templates for some time, it seems only natural for me to progress from creating free themes to high quality premium ones.

While I had deeply considered taking the plunge to create my own site and payment processing procedures, the prospect seemed way to big to accomplish alone.

S0 when I discovered Theme Forest, I was thrilled and joined up straight away. Created by Envato (the company which also manages FlashDen and Freelance Switch), this site offers high quality templates for all platforms at great prices, while theme authors receive a decent cut of the commission plus bonuses for referring new customers.

I have a few themes in progress and envision my author status at Theme Forest will become a good investment for my time and skills.

Take a look at my ready made templates by visiting my Theme Forest portfolio here.

Amanda Kennedy / Author & Editor

Amanda Kennedy is a writer and content creator whose websites chronicle many interest areas. She is a lifelong learner who lives in the UK with her family.


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