Introducing The Delphian Project

February 01, 2020

For some time now, I've had a new project in the works, and I'm very excited about it!

The Delphian Project intends to digitise, format and update the original Delphian Course series for publication as a series of ebooks (and possibly print too!). 

The Delphian Course was first published in 10 volumes in 1911, as a University extension course of self-study. It's in a very similar vein to The Harvard Classics (see my Harvard Classics 365 project for more details). Originally, this course was intended for women of the era, who were often deprived of a more formal education, and delivered in “Chapters” across North America. 

The course aimed to provide a liberal education to women across the disciplines of ancient history and literature, drama, art, modern literature, poetry, and music in a format equal to the curriculum of a college education. The complete course was suggested to be taken over six years, thus allowing these women to study part-time around their family or marital obligations, enabling them to “graduate” with an education no less equal to their male peers.

Over the ten volumes, the Course presents the complete Western canon in chronological order, beginning with ancient civilisations, then progressing through Europe in the Middle-Ages; Shakespeare; American history; art, politics, and literature. Established academics, scholars, and museum directors contributed essays, which were illuminated with photographs, maps and engravings, literary passages, quotations and poetry. 

The Delphian Course includes over 40 subjects spread across the volumes. Rather than simply digitize each volume (which I feel would be hugely cumbersome, even in digital format!), I've decided to focus on each "subject" individually. This will enable readers to focus on their preferred topic, and also allow for me to pick and choose the order in which I work.

I'm close to finishing the first volume, though intend to publish when two or more are ready. Initially, these ebooks will be available on the Kindle store, though as I learn a little more about digital publishing I may expand to other ebook marketplaces and possibly even self-publish in print. 

As always, I hope to offer these books at a low price to ensure they are easily accessible to all. As yet, there are no intentions for The Delphian Project to have it's own website, though I reserve the right to change my mind in the future. 

Watch this space for updates! (Although I may be rather busy for the next few months.)

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