Greek Mythology - A Volume of The Delphian Project

May 28, 2020

I've finally finished and published the first volume from The Delphian Project on the Kindle store! Careful readers may notice that I chose not to begin with the first subject from the Delphian Course anthology, and instead skipped to Book two (which would make this vol. 6 of 44). Greek mythology is a subject which I find hugely interesting, hence I thought it wise to begin this huge endeavour with a subject I enjoy.

From the blurb:

This volume of The Delphian Project is based on the Greek Mythology Chapter of the second book of The Delphian Courses. From how the ancient Greeks explained the origins of the world, through the Titans, Greater and Lesser Divinities, and the stories of Hercule's trials. References to the influence of Greek Mythology on art, literature and culture are explained throughout, including poetry, illustrations and extensive quotations from other works.

Originally published in 1911, The Delphian Courses was a 10 volume anthology designed to inspire self-study akin to an extended college degree. The Delphian Project aims to update the original content of The Delphian Society publications to provide a 40+ volume anthology of a Liberal education organised by subject matter. Each volume of The Delphian Project focuses on a specific subject within the Western Canon, from Ancient Civilisations through to the arts and modern literature.

In addition to the original content, these volumes contain the editor's footnotes; an extensive bibliography (with links to texts within the Public Domain); additional maps, diagrams, photographs or images, and Topical Outlines to assist a deep understanding of the subject matter.

Please do check it out on the Kindle store, and if you enjoy it, please leave a review. As an independent author, I'm grateful for any and all honest reviews of my books!

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